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I think eating is a source of joy and happiness for us.

The kitchen that produces food is a place of work, but at the same time, it is a place to talk about cooking with family and friends, it is a place to serve a specialty dishes. so I think that the kitchen is a place of creation that inspires people.

We call the kitchen "the atelier" that produces such a drama.
Through kitchen tools, we would like to stage a kitchen that turns into an atelier with full of joy and pleasure.

I think the kitchen tools are not only the tools for cooking but also important items for playing an important roles expressing and transferring food cultures, recipes, home taste and cordiality, moreover the pride and skill of chefs.

I think that everyone has such an experience like "I do not want to let go of the tools that once I got familiar with my hands."

Of course not only ease of use, but also tools that make us been enjoyed just by having and that we are proud of...
such as affinities for those tools can not be told in one word.

Therefore we aim that our recommended kitchen tools would be familiar to the owner's hands and would be the tools used though their whole lives.

The kitchen tools that we think should be....

1. Used the highest quality of materials
2. felt nice in hands and that can let the owners work efficiently
3. Durable eough to be used though the owner's whole life
4. Excellent in the design

In order to familiarize those wonderful goods around the world in Japan, firstly we would like to start understanding well each manufacturing mind of each brand and to spread them.

Our recommended products are simply designed with priority on performance and accuracy that are not stuck to trends or fashion.

While disposable products are spreading around, the manufacturing mind of our handling brands are looking forward to develop for decades in the future.

We would like that our customers will become the fans of our items and we wish to have long lasting relationships with...

We would like to get Japanese people accustomed with those good tools of the world, and to spread their technologies and traditions of those countries to the food culture of Japan.

We will support from each home tastes, also the passions for dishes, skills and challenges of professional chefs.

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